LTC / Compliance Packaging

Invara’s multiple medication solution places all routine medication into an easy to use package referred to as bubble packs or blister packs.  Packages are labeled with specific days and times for easy administration and ease of use.  Medication adherence in patients can be a difficult thing to manage when there are multiple times and medications to take throughout the day.


Invara offers free adherence packaging for patients who have multiple medications and need assistance remembering to take their medications.  It is critical that medications are taken at the a certain time of day. The number one reason a patient fails medication therapy is non-adherence to the prescribed course of medication.


Compliance packaging can reduce burden on caregivers, particularly when a patient must take multiple medications throughout the day on an ongoing basis.  Compliance package can easily be included in our delivery service to take the stress off of caregivers and give the patient added security in knowing they will not have to drive to the pharmacy each month.

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